Segway i2se with woman moving through field

Commercial Applications

Whether your tour is showing off the sites of a bustling metropolis, or taking your customers through the beauty of nature, the Segway PT is the perfect choice to be able to show more in less time.

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Segway PT for Warehouseing/Logistics

How much time do you, or your supervisors, waste walking around your vast warehouse? Probably too much. With a Segway Personal Transporter, you can improve your warehouses’ efficiency almost immediately. Move more, save time with the Segway PT.

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Foreman on Segway PT examing electrical component from female co-worker
Woman picking apple while on Segway x2

Segway PT for Agriculture

Covering large swaths of land by foot can be a real time waster and using a truck or other gas guzzling vehicle is bad for the environment. The Segway PT solves both of those problems. Better still, the x2 SE, with its ATV-style tires, is specifically designed to handle the more rugged terrain typically associated with farms, vineyards, etc.

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Segway PT Accessories

From parking stands to comfort mats and replacement handlebar grips to side storage, Segway has the accessories you need to get the most out of your Segway PT.

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