Ninebot S Kids

Powered by Innovation, Engineered for Safety

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Real-time Riding Protection Reminder
Ambient-Light Safety
8.7 mph Top Speed
8 Miles Range
15% Hill Grade
Free Mobile App
Easy to Ride
Road Adaptive

Real-time intelligent voice safety reminder

3 Riding Modes

Safe mode (maximum speed 7 km/h, 4.3 mph)
Suitable for beginners

Novice mode (maximum speed 10 km/h, 6.2 mph)
Suitable for novice

Sports mode (maximum speed 14 km/h, 8.7 mph)
Suitable for proficient users

A self-balancing vehicle optimized for children

From size to material selection, designed for children

Knee bar
Tailored for children’s height

Knee control pad
Soft material

Large area pedal
Easier to stand and safer

15 Safety Features

Rigorous Safety Tests

1100 lb static payload test, 63 hours vibration test, 100,000 times ride test

4 Types of Smart Voice Reminders

Speed reminder, Posture reminder, Reversing reminder, Safety reminder

4 Smart Protection Mechanism

Automatic speed reduction, Auto-stop when no weight is detected, Pick up protection, Safety speed limit

3 Core High Standard Components

Integrated battery potting, skid-resistant* and anti-puncture tires, Dual BMS intelligent management

Designed for Children

Ultra-thin integrated body, butterfly wing design.

Connect to the
Segway-Ninebot App

Turn it into a large remote control car!

Non-slip and maintenance-free solid tires

Easy to move forward in different scenarios

Ambient Lights

Battery Management System

Bluetooth Speaker


Ninebot S Kids

  • Comfortable Driving and Agile Handling
  • Real-time Riding Protection Reminder
  • Reliable Quality & Safe

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*Please see our Safety and Compliance page for more details.