Segway 2022 Wrap Up

Segway 2022 Models

Segway 2022 Models Wrap Up


Segway 2022 Models

Segway brings the thrill with an innovative host of scooters, go-karts, and e-mopeds.


The electric micro-mobility revolution has been underway globally since the early aughts. Segway has been at the forefront of said revolution since seeing an e-scooter was a standout novelty reminiscent of a far-flung, science-fiction contraption. Electric micro-mobility is commonplace in the modern age, occupying sidewalks, cafes, college campuses, and space in our imaginations.  


In 2022, Segway continued to inspire and innovate with e-mobility products offering new possibilities and thrills to an ever-evolving consumer base. The year ushered in the incredible milestone achievement of over ten million Segway e-scooters produced globally. As society’s propensity for e-mobility continues to grow, our infrastructure will adapt and mold to better fulfill this new sustainable model for personal transport. Think of wider bike lanes, designated e-scooter lanes, and fast-charge networks in urban areas worldwide. Such is the case with Long Beach, California’s Go Active LB Program, in which the city expanded its e-scooter-friendly network of paths by 14 miles in 2020. 


Additionally, 2022 was a year in which the culmination of innovation and dedication to sustainability crescendoed into an industry-leading line of electric scooters, go-karts, and mopeds for Segway. The diversity of Segway products creates bespoke solutions for every consumer while maintaining the well-known reliability of the Segway electric architecture. A look at some of the hallmark products from the manufacturer in 2022 reveals the ingenious ways Segway is pioneering the future of electric micro-mobility today. 



GT1/GT2 SuperScooter

When e-scooters first emerged onto the market in the early 2000s, they had limited range, were cumbersome, and were slow. Today, the Segway GT series is speed done right. Inspired by modern race cars, the GT series are sexy, sleek, performance-oriented speed demons sure to turn heads. 


The GT1 Superscooter is a long-range electric pavement pounder that will get any rider where they need to go with speed and comfort. On a single charge, the GT1 can travel a formidable 43.5 miles. Front and rear adjustable damper suspension, standard on the GT1, offer riders the smoothest ride while traveling at high speeds compared to lesser scooters. Outrun boredom on the GT1 with a top speed of 37.5 MPH. The GT1 is an ideal choice for Bond-esque super spies and thrill-seeking commuters alike. 


Ascending in performance rank from the GT1 is the belief-defying GT2. The GT2 Superscooter is a feat of e-scooter engineering unmatched in the marketplace. Seasoned riders stepping onto the GT2 are encouraged to choose Race Mode out of 5 possible ride modes. In Race Mode, the PMOLED transparent display, inspired by heads-up displays in fighter jets, lights up red like a furious dragon ready to roar. Reaching 45.5 MPH, it can reach top speed within 3.9 seconds. ON AN E-SCOOTER! A wide footboard, cushy front and rear dampened suspension, and a 56 miles range make the GT2 a dream to own and operate.



Megatron Segway Gt2 Superscooter


The GT2 also received a Transformers makeover in 2022. Megatron is the most powerful and feared Decepticon in the galaxy. What better namesake to be transplanted onto the most powerful e-scooter Segway produces at the moment?  The Segway Megatron GT2 is adorned with unmistakable Decepticon styling and badging.


The Segway P100S e-Scooter


Segway 2022 models include the P100S and P65.

The P100S is the ultimate commuting e-scooter. Forget being squeezed into a crowded bus or subway like a sardine, wasting precious minutes as time withers away. The Segway P100S is the remedy we all need for a boring commute.  The P100S is engineered to go the distance with 62 miles of available range on a single charge and a top speed of 30 MPH.


The Segway P100S e-scooter takes comfort up to another level. 360-degree comprehensive lighting projects distinct patterns onto the ground; traffic would be hard-pressed to miss a night rider. The ergonomic handle grip, wide no-slip footboard, and ample dual suspension make the Segway P100S the perfect commuting companion.


C80 e-Moped


C80 e-moped with lady and small child.


The Segway C80 is a departure from the realm of e-scooters and a bold entry into the world of e-mopeds. The C80 e-moped lives at the intersection of innovation, style, functionality, e-mobility, and fun. At home in any urban environment, the C80 buzzes around bustling areas like a breeze. The compact footprint of the C80, coupled with 47 miles of range on a single charge,  uniquely positions the e-moped as the category leader. 


The C80 comfortably transports one rider at speeds up to 20 MPH. This powerhouse of an e-moped is loaded with features specifically designed for rider peace of mind. The Segway Ridey Go!, standard on the C80, comprises four security technologies in one intelligent system. Airlock, NFT key, smart-seat detection, and auto-lock mode comprise Ridey Go!, integrating seamlessly into the accompanying mobile app. 


Ergonomic from front to end, there is little a rider longs for while piloting the Segway C80. The two-stage central shock absorber soaks up any unpleasantries on the road. There is no hiding on the C80. The courageous coloring of the e-moped is modern and playful. What the Segway C80 lacks in bulk, it more than makes up for in technology, features, and ease of use. 


Disclaimer*  We heavily encourage Segway E110A riders to check local laws regarding proper licensing. 


The Segway E110A e-Moped


E110A riders on a red e-moped and black e-moped.


The  Segway E110A is the crown jewel of electric seated scooters. Life is so much happier spent with somebody you care about. The E110A moped facilitates happiness with a 2-person rider capacity. The low center of gravity coupled with the controlled tension design keeps both riders safe and comfortable for double the fun. The E110A was the centerpiece of our Segway Across America Campaign in 2022. 


The E110A comes standard with a class-leading 35-mile range on a single charge. Upgradeable range is available with an auxiliary battery placed in the massive 27-liter under-seat storage area. 27 liters of storage are two motorcycle helmets, groceries for the week, or whatever life throws at you. The E110A is super-secure, integrating the Ridey Go! 4-point safety system. Continuing the theme of E110A’s tremendous features, the powerful LED headlight lights the way on the darkest nights. Full LED lighting aboard the E110A provides the dual benefit of maximum lumen output with minimal battery draw. The Segway E110A is the embodiment of electric micro-mobility. Practical and stylish, the E110A transcends boring tropes about electric vehicles. 


Disclaimer*  We heavily encourage Segway E110A riders to check local laws regarding proper licensing. 


BumbleBee GoKart Pro


Bumblebee Segway Gokart Pro


The Segway GoKart Pro tore onto the scene when it debuted in 2019. In 2022, the GoKart Pro transformed with the help of everybody’s favorite Autobot, Bumblebee. In partnership with Hasbro, Segway unveiled the Transformers BumbleBee GoKart Pro. The aggressive styling of the GoKart Pro, married with the instantly distinctive color pattern of BumbleBee, makes this a street-thrasher not to be trifled with.  


The BumbleBee GoKart Pro maxes out at 23 MPH, achieving a blistering acceleration rate of over 1 G. Equipped with a manual brake lever, the GoKart Pro is engineered for drifting around cal-de-sacs and executing hairpin turns. The aggressive front fascia of the GoKart screams speed while the rear wheel flares and spoiler add gravitas and downforce. The front steering assembly can be adjusted to accommodate riders up to 6 feet tall. Even under strained driving conditions, the GoKart Pro wields 15.5 miles of range on a single charge. The Segway GoKart Pro puts drivers at the helm of thrilling electric mobility.