Segway x2 SE Patroller

The world’s #1 personal transportation solution for the public safety market. It was designed with the specific input of experienced law enforcement and security professionals to optimize the patrol experience.

Easy to Ride
Gliding Light
12.5 mph Top Speed
Up to 22 Miles of Range

Integrated Lighting

The PT Patroller’s integrated lighting system offers a number of color combinations for law enforcement, as well as private security and emergency services.

Robust Tires

The ATV-style tires of the x2 SE Patroller allow it to patrol a more rugged and diverse terrain. Parks, city sidewalks, construction sites, and more are no match for the x2 SE Patroller.

LeanSteer™ Technology

Segway LeanSteer technology was designed to provide more responsive riding. Simply lean the patented LeanSteer left or right to get where you’re going with ease.

Small Footprint

The small footprint of the x2 SE Patrollers allows it to fit easily through any standard doorway and its zero-turn radius allows it to move easily up and down narrow alleys, aisles, etc.

Comfort Mats

Optimized for rider comfort

What People Say

“After a few days we were convinced that the PT Patroller would enable our patrol officers to engage with people and build relationships. Soon after, we took delivery of four i2s and a month later purchased four x2s.”

Chief Norwood

“By improving the efficiency of our parking enforcement officers, the revenue we generate has significantly increased. Therefore, each year we reinvest a portion of that profit in additional PTs for our fleet.”

Supervisor McNeal


Segway x2 SE Patroller

  • LeanSteer TM Technology
  • Integrated Lighting
  • Upper and Lower Reflective Shields
  • Small Footprint