Segway Dirt eBike

Off-roading is Now More Electric Than Ever, the First Electric Dirt Bike by Segway.

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“No Joke, This Electric Dirt Bike Is a Segway”


“Segway has created an eco-friendly dirt eBike for adrenaline junkies with a conscience”


“Segway gets dirty with its newest electric vehicle”


“Segway heads off-road with a pair of electric dirt bikes”

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SEGWAY Dirt eBike X260/ X160

Best-in-class Segway Mobility

Segway Dirt eBike is an electric powered dirt bike that delivers superior off-road performance for all user types. It is compact, lightweight, easy to maintain and budget friendly.
With the Segway Dirt eBike, you can take it to any off-road adventures that you have been dreaming of.

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121.3 LBS Weight
46.6 MPH Max. Speed
74.6 Miles Max. Range
4.02 Seconds 0-31 MPH Acceleration
45° Uphill Capability
184.3 FT-LBS Max. Torque
Swappable Battery
APP Control

Game-Changing Electric Dirt Bike

Segway Dirt eBike features superior off-road performance in a compact and eco-friendly body. The Dirt eBike sits comfortably between mountain bikes and traditional dirt bikes.

Fast-Charge, Long Lasting Battery Capacity

The fast-charge battery takes only 4 hours for a full charge and delivers 74.6 miles range in one single charge (X260 model). Swappable batteries will take your adventure even further.

Performance Electric Dirt Bike for All

The Segway Dirt eBike’s superior performance in a compact body makes it possible for new riders to dive into the exciting off-road adventures.

Toughest Terrains are in Our Zone

With an IP 67 grade waterproof lever and an aluminum alloy body with heat dissipation, this eBike can conquer all off-road terrains. The Field Oriented Controls stabilize and adapt to your riding habits.

Power Through the Path Unknown

The standard 48 rear sprocket teeth enable the Segway Dirt eBike to climb slopes up to 45° and delivers a maximum rear wheel torque of 184.3 ft*lb. Wheelie with ease and experience a smooth drivetrain output.

Unleash in Seconds

Unleash your full capacity with a peak torque of 23.6 ft*lb with maximum of 5400 rpm that operates up to 356°F. Acceleration goes from 0 to 31 mph in only 4.02 seconds.

Endless Possibilities

Universal parts make modifications and DIY easy for riders to create their own dream e-bike. Fully customizable.

What The Press Are Saying

But Segway is aiming to do more than supply scooters. The company wants to offer a range of mobility devices that combine software, robotics and its patent-protected Segway self-balancing technology. The debut of the Dirt eBike follows the introduction of three other hybrid off-road products, including an ATV, all in an effort to build out its new Segway Powersports business unit.


The features we find most interesting in the X160 and X260 are the swappable batteries, the 31.1/46.6 mph (X160/X260) top speeds, the 40.4/74.6 mile range, and the 162.2/184.3 lb-ft torque claims. To our eyes, the componentry appears to live in the space between mountain bikes and dirt bikes.


The bike is light, responsive, and has loads of torque. Eco mode is plenty powerful for most riding. In Sport mode, it will pop wheelies on demand. The bike’s ergonomics, smooth power delivery, and good looks impressed me.


Segway, the electric vehicle company best known for, well, the Segway, has created an electric dirt bike for off-road junkies with a soft spot for planet Earth.


These numbers might not sound all that interesting on their own, but when paired with the fact that the X160 has smaller 17-inch wheels and a compact frame design, it turns into the perfect bike for maneuvering around winding mountain trails.

Popular Mechanics

Despite the company’s success selling low-cost electric scooters, Segway-Ninebot has set its sights on expanding into electric power sports..



Segway Dirt eBike

  • Swappable Battery
  • Lightweight and Easy-to-Learn
  • 74.6 Miles Range
  • 46.6 mph Max Speed
  • Accelerates from 0 to 31 Mph in 4.02