The Segway Brand Ambassador Program is currently closed.

Segway Brand Ambassador Program

The Segway Brand Ambassador Program is currently closed.

Segway Squad Benefits


Become champions of the commuter lifestyle and influence others to take part toward a greener future. We offer exclusive perks to all of our college brand ambassadors.

Three ways to earn:

Who You Are


    • A Junior or a Senior in an accredited college or university.


    • A Savvy Content Creator: Enthusiastic at creating engaging content that aligns with Segway.


    • A Tech Enthusiast: Passionate about electric micro-mobility, tech, or innovative products.


    • A Change Maker: Advocate for a greener, reduced carbon emitting future. Driven to make a positive impact in the world.


    • A Campus Leader: You’re well connected and have a strong network and presence among student activities and organizations.


    • A Great Communicator: Excellent communication, interpersonal, camera-ready, and displays leadership skills.


What you’ll do:


Content Creation

On-trend lifestyle social media content on Segway products and event promotion.


Event Planning:

Plan, coordinate, and lead on-campus events.



Represent the Segway brand and publicize Segway products and sales promotions.



Teach product knowledge and encourage students to try Segway products.

Gold Status Achievement Rewards

  • Free Scooter (one-time)
  • Welcome to Gold Status Package

Gold Status Perks

  • Higher Payout per challenge completion
  • Access to Industry Events
  • Access to Unique Segway Partner perks

Affiliate Code

  • 10% Commission
  • 15% Discount

Content Creation

  • Via Social Ladder, each challenge rewards a certain number of points. Each point is equated to a dollar amount.
  • Per semester,  the full amount each ambassador can earn is no more than $2000. This include those in Gold.

After 3 months (mid-way point) of every program duration, Segway will conduct an evaluation of current performance for every ambassador. If there is no activity from a participant then Seaway has the right to terminate ambassadorship for that semester. Ambassadors have the opportunity to reapply next semester.