Do more in less time on a Segway® Personal Transporter (PT). The Segway PT allows you to move more efficiently, inspect more shipments, and get to where you need to be faster. Save time and, more importantly, money with a Segway PT.

Get More Done on a Segway PT

We know that you’re always looking for a way to get more done in your day. The Segway PT can be a perfect tool to help you do just that. The Segway PT can go pretty much anywhere you can walk, but it can get you there much faster.

Whether you’re the supervisor checking orders for accuracy before they head out, or the small order picker grabbing items off the shelves to ship out to customers, the Segway PT can help you do more in less time. Being an electric personal transportation device makes the PT a perfect solution both indoors and outdoors.

Stop being inefficient with your time and energy. Get the Segway PT for your warehouse or logistics center and get your efficiency rolling.

Foreman using Segway i2 se to navigate through warehouse

Segway i2 SE Personal Transporter

The i2 SE PT, with its narrow footprint, can move easily down aisles, and transition from indoors to outside without riders ever having to get off the machine. Built for mobility and efficiency, the Segway i2 SE is perfect for your warehouse.

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Segway x2 SE Personal Transporter

The Segway x2 SE is a great fit for warehouses or logistics centers. The extra eight inches of height you get while atop the platform makes it easier for you to inspect more and do it more quickly. Save time and money with the Segway x2 SE.

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Foreman on Segway PT examing electrical component from female co-worker

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