Ready. Aim. Blast.

Ninebot Mecha Kit

Experience double the fun with the new drifting and shooting game, the Ninebot Electric Mecha.

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Supported models: Ninebot S, Ninebot S Kids & Ninebot S-PRO
200lbs Max Payload
8.7 mph Top Speed
Electronic brake on the self-balancing scooter
Free Mobile App
Safe Mode, New Rider Mode & Sports Mode

Intelligent Robot System

The built-in sound system vocally assists new players in getting started quickly as well as enabling bluetooth music playback.

High-Strength Steel Frame

All-around Collision Avoidance. The high-strength steel frame provides comprehensive protection for the vehicle body to prevent deformation. The payload is up to 220 lbs (100 kg).

Human-Body Sensor in Joystick

For guaranteed safety, the outer side of the joystick is equipped with a sensor, which can activate the vehicle when it is triggered by gripping the sensing area. If the joystick is accidentally touched while getting on or off the car, it will not cause the vehicle to start or to accidentally launch water bullets.

Cool Lighting Effects

RGB ambient lights allow you to personalize your riding experience. From customizable under body lighting to the front-shooting laser light, illuminate the road and mark bullet trajectory to help you hit your target.

Upgraded Functions For More Fun

Go forward, turn around, take aim and hit your target. Fully experience the fun of mobility.

Driving Shooting Game

Team up with friends or battle against each other for tons of fun for all.

A New Family Bonding Experience

Fun for the whole family. Laughing, chasing and shooting water bullets make bonding more exciting than ever with the Mecha Kit.

Water Absorbing Toy Bullets

Sustainably made, there is no need for bullet clean up after shooting. The water bullets naturally evaporate into powder without polluting the environment.

Joystick Control

Double joysticks control makes the movement more flexible. Push forward or pull backward the joysticks at the same time to move forward or reverse. Push one joystick and pull the other one to circle clockwise or anticlockwise.

Smart Remote Control

Connected with the Segway-Ninebot App, the Mecha kit will become a remote-control shooting vehicle.

Water Bullet Shooting

Experience the excitement of firing bullets while in place, strafing or blazing by your target.

Applicable to Segway-Ninebot Self-balancing Scooter

Join the Self-Balancing Scooter and Mecha Kit to double the fun and let the shooting battles begin!

*The Mecha Kit is not compatible with Ninebot S-Max and S-Plus


Ninebot Mecha Kit

  • Upgraded Functions For More Fun
  • A New Family Bonding Experience
  • Water Absorbing Toy Bullets