Loomo Personal Robot

Loomo Personal Robot is the smartest and most capable personal vehicle ever, with the best-in-class powerful Segway mobility and Intel RealSenseTM Technology

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“The Loomo Segway is a robot sidekick you can ride”


“CES 2018: Segway’s Loomo toggles between robot and hoverboard”


“Meet Loomo, Segway’s Mini Transporter And Robotic Sidekick That Captures Photos And Video”

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Multi-Terrain Mobility
Advanced Computer Vision / Emotion Engine
Target and Follow
Voice and Gesture Controls
IPX4 Splash Proof
Easy to Ride
30 Miles Range
Powerful AI incorporated with Intel RealSenseTM Technology
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Playful Expressions and Personality
Includes Free Android SDK and Over-the-air Updates

Auto Follow Expert

With the advanced computer vision, Loomo can follow you autonomously while shooting stabilized video and more.

Loomo is the Future of Smart Personal Mobility

See the world, through Loomo’s AI Vision

Self-Balancing Transporter

Smooth and self-balancing ride experience across most terrains. Easily travel up to 22 miles in one charge.

Drag and Drop

Loomo’s easily programmable features mean that the possibilities are endless. Users without programming experience can teach Loomo new tricks!

Telepresence Avatar

Speak, explore, interact, and experience as if you are Loomo. Allows you to have Loomo’s world right in the palm of your hands!

Free Loomo
Android SDK

Access Loomo’s full range mobility and AI capabilities via Loomo’s Android SDK and customized your own playful features and practical solutions.

New Skills Unlock
Over-the-Air (OTA)

Your Loomo will grow with you! Loomo will continuously update its software and applicationsto include new features to impress and surprise you.

What People Say

I have to say, I joined up pretty early on, got this thinking the kids would use it. I can’t believe how stable a platform you have made Loomo. I brought this over to a friend’s house last night and we were taking turns just having a blast. I do a lot of racing events, and this thing going back and forth on pit lane is PERFECT! So awesome! Im probably getting more soon. Is there a plan for modified (bigger/smaller) Loomo? Great job team!

Warren Faris

8 months ago



  • Advanced Personal Robot
  • Mobile AI Sidekick
  • Smart Self-Balancing Electric Transporter