Touring on the Segway® Personal Transporter (PT) is wildly popular the world over. Whether you’re looking to start a new tour, or augment an already existing business, the Segway PT can really help get your tour business rolling.

Take a Tour with the Segway PT

Visit nearly any major city in the world and chances are, you’ll find a tour using the Segway PT. In fact, you’ll probably find more than one. The Segway PT is wildly popular in the tourism industry as its unique riding experience makes it a tourist attraction of its own.

Being an electric, zero-emissions mode of transportation, the Segway PT has a low total cost of ownership and very little impact on its environment. With no gas tank to fill, or oil to check, the PT is very easy to care for and tends to remain intact in tour fleets for years.

Whether your tour takes place in a bustling metropolis or on the rugged trails of a beautiful mountain range, the Segway PT can handle it. The PT has been designed to handle multiple types of terrain and is just as effective a mode of transportation indoors or outside.

If you’re thinking of starting a tour, or are looking for a fun, exciting new addition to your current tour, you can’t go wrong with a Segway PT.

Tourists on Segway PTs as they travel down a street

Segway i2 SE Personal Transporter

The Segway i2 SE PT is a great option when looking to start a Segway PT tour. The narrow footprint of the i2 SE allows it to fit through any standard doorway, and its zero carbon emissions make it an environmentally friendly alternative to buses or cars. It’s a good choice for tours which will take place on city sidewalks or bike lanes, while also being rugged enough to handle various other terrain.

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Segway x2 SE Personal Transporter

Looking for something a little more rugged for your tour? The Segway x2 SE PT, with its ATV-style tires, is well-equipped to handle more diverse terrain. If you’re looking to take your customers on nature trails, mountain viewing, or maybe leaf-peeping in the fall in New England, the x2 SE is the perfect choice.

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7 tourists on x2 PT in a beach area

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