Segway Unveils Commuter Scooter Line Expansion and Cutting-Edge Enhancements to Flagship Products, Enhancing Micromobility Portfolio 

Revolutionizing personal transportation, Segway debuts exciting new innovations at CES 2024 

CES 2024, LAS VEGAS – January 9, 2024 – Segway-Ninebot, the global leader in micromobility and robotics technology, is introducing its latest lineup of groundbreaking transportation products that redefine personal transportation.  

“Our latest micromobility lineup represents more than just a collection of innovative products. Rather, it’s a testament to our unwavering commitment to transforming the way people navigate and experience the world,” said Wayde Zhao, President of Segway Inc. “This is more than a product launch, it’s an invitation to join us in shaping the future of micromobility, enhancing the experience of every ride.” 

Spearheading this innovative new fleet are two groundbreaking commuter scooters: the Segway Superscooter (ST1) and the E2 Pro, each establishing unprecedented standards in urban commuting technology. These models boast distinct and exceptional features designed to meet a wide range of commuter requirements. The E2 Pro can be pre-ordered starting January 9th from Segway’s website, while the Segway Superscooter (ST1) is scheduled for release in late 2024. 

The Segway Superscooter (ST1) redefines urban mobility with its fusion of style and high-performance functionality. With a maximum speed of 31 mph, a cutting-edge touch screen display, and adaptable headlights, this series caters to riders seeking convenient solutions for short to medium distance commuting and leisure activities. Its enhanced speed and advanced features set a new industry standard, ensuring a competitive edge in the market. 

On the other hand, the E2 Pro stands as the pinnacle of Segway’s E2 series, promising an elevated riding experience. Equipped with innovative features such as direction indicators and a traction control system for increased stability, this model reaches a maximum speed of 16.8 mph. The E2 Pro exemplifies Segway’s commitment to innovation and quality, providing riders with exceptional value and performance. 

In addition to the E2 Pro and ST Series, Segway is debuting even more transportation innovations at CES: 

  • Experience the Racing Thrill: The GoKart Pro 2, an innovative electric go-kart, sets new standards in speed, sound, and adaptability. This exceptional ride transforms into an immersive racing controller when connected to popular gaming consoles. Enjoy the synchronized haptic vibration effect, heightening the thrill of in-game riding. With an impressive top speed of 26.7 mph, the GoKart Pro 2 goes beyond conventional transportation, ensuring an unforgettable journey for riders. The inclusion of a detachable Bluetooth speaker elevates each ride into a personalized adventure. Its effortless conversion into the Ninebot S hoverboard offers unparalleled multifunctionality, enriching the overall riding experience. 
  • Unleash Your Inner Explorer: The new Ninebot S2 beckons riders with the promise of new adventures. Available for pre-order starting January 9th from Segway’s website, boasting new traction tires, powerful performance with an 800W rated output, an adjustable stem and a max speed of 11.2 mph, it offers riders both comfort and exploration. The built-in Bluetooth speaker, customizable ambient colored lights and compatibility with the GoKart Kit further enhance its appeal, providing riders with a personalized and adaptable micromobility experience. 

Segway is offering exclusive sneak peeks and hands-on demos of their micromobility assortment at CES 2024 (North Hall Booth #9827) from January 9th to January 12th. To learn more about the latest from Segway, visit the Segway newsroom. You can also follow along on social media using the hashtag #SegwayXCES2024. 

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