#HomeWithSegway: Creative Challenge


– Rise & Ride –

Social distancing doesn’t have to be boring! Team Segway wants to see how you are getting creative with your time at home, so we are launching the #HomeWithSegway challenge. We want to see what you’re really up to. Show us all your fun, mind-blowing, innovative, and downright kooky social distancing strategies for a chance to win one of four amazing products from the Segway store.

The contest is simple, here’s how you enter:

  • 1. Shoot a legendary video or picture (let’s be real though, videos are far more fun)
  • 2. Post it on Instagram or Facebook
  • 3. Follow & Tag us! @SegwayInc @Segway #HomewithSegway

That’s it. You’re in.


Your safety is our #1 priority. Helmets are required for ALL submissions featuring a rider on a Segway product.

You must be following Segway’s official account on whichever platform you decide to enter on @Segwayinc @Segway, and you must tag us add #HomeWithSegway in your post(s) for your submission to be considered. Make sure your account is public or we won’t be able to see your creation.

By entering in the contest you are giving Segway the right to use the entirety of your submission for marketing and advertising purposes.


What is the #HomeWithSegway Challenge?

#HomeWithSegway Challenge is an exciting way for the Segway family to unite through sharing fun and unique content. Just because we’re separate doesn’t mean we’re alone, and what better way to connect than through creativity?!

What we want to see

We are looking for photos and videos showcasing how you are being creative with your time at home. Content featuring any of our products is highly acceptable, but not mandatory. Let’s get
creative! Think outside the box! Be original! Come up with something so rad you think we will have no choice but to crown you, winner!

No Segway? Don’t sweat it!

The competition will not be limited solely to submissions featuring our products. If you’ve got
something remarkable to share, we want to see it! Just include in your video why you think you should win a Segway product, and how it would elevate your social distancing experience.

How to Submit

Post your photo/video. Tag Segway on respected platform.
Use #HomeWithSegway hashtag. 🙂

Drift W1

Perfect for Indoors

Ninebot S-RED

Indoor and outdoor

ES2 White

Special edition with limited quality, perfect as micromobility method for essential needs

Gokart Bundle

Indoor or in your backyard

The winner will be chosen by the Segway Marketing Team, most creative content wins!

(Unlimited entries allowed!!)

Who Can Participate

U.S. and Canada citizens only this time around.

Rules and Regulations

Safety comes first! Helmets are required for ALL submissions featuring a rider on a Segway product, even indoors. Please make sure you are wearing a helmet in your submission or we will sadly not be able to include your creation in the contest.

The primary goal of this challenge is to get your creative juices flowing while at HOME. It is imperative that all government regulations regarding COVID-19 are followed while shooting submissions for this contest.

While we’re huge fans of music over here at Segway, we gotta request that all videos be sent in without it. We want to make sure we can share all of your crazy home videos, and for legal reasons we may not be able to do so if you’ve included music in it.

Bringing the Segway community closer- despite the distance. #HomeWithSegway