Launching in 2022

GT Series

Perform the Future

The perfect combination of speed, performance and innovation make the GT Series a thrill seekers dream. Crafted with stability and control top of mind, the GT Series offers key features such as widened footboards, front and rear suspension and 11-inch pneumatic tires. 4 speed modes allow riders a range of 0-30 mph max. Acceleration top out at 3.9 seconds in our GT2’s Race Mode.

G Series

G Series Spec

P Series

Premium E-Mobility

A premium quality build for the ultimate riding experience. The P65 & P100S offer comfort features like widened footboards & handles, automobile grade all-season tires and front & rear torsion bar suspension to make every day cruising a breeze. Superior safety features such as a comprehensive lighting system, turn signaling, a taillight and multiple ways to lock/unlock give you peace of mind while enjoying the ride.


Be Smart, Ride On.

E110A Spec

Style and simplicity in motion. Your daily commute has never been more relaxing. This eco-friendly scooter provides room for two, ultimate storage space and an expansive set of smart features to make every ride as smooth as can be.