Segway and TomBogo are Classmates at NYFW 2022


At New York Fashion Week, Segway and Tombogo head back to the classroom to celebrate the “For the Truant and the Fluent” collection.



Tombogo and Segway have a collaborative effort at New York Fashion Week 2022.

TomBogo X Segway Gets an A+

   On September 11th, 2022, excitement gripped the Manhattan LaGuardia High School of Performing Arts. The school is well known for producing some of the biggest talent to blast onto the scene in the last few decades, such as Nicki Minaj, Awkwafina, and Jennifer Aniston. As the fashion show commenced, the stage was set with desks arranged and notebooks scattered about. TomBogo was an obvious choice for a partnership with Segway as both brands share core tenets of sustainability, inclusivity, and ground-breaking thinking. TomBogo repurposed used Members Only Jackets for his collection into new utility vests to limit carbon impact. 

    The cult-like following of the TomBogo label has caught the attention of the likes of Lizzo, Kid Cudi, J-Balvin, and Kehlani. In partnership with Segway, the show titled “For the Truant and the Fluent” served up 17 ready-to-wear looks worn by characters inspired by the designer Tommy Bogo’s formative high school years. Segway applauds the designer for continually pushing the boundaries of traditional fashion, just as Segway innovates electric personal green mobility into bold new spaces.

Simon the pianist was featured at the Tombogo New York Fashion Week. He was seen riding the F40.

The F40 Is In Session

    The Segway F40 e-scooter, P65 e-scooter, P100 e-scooter, T-Series seated scooter, and E110A seated scooter were all styled by TomBogo for the event, complimenting the creative, radical design philosophy of the collection. 

    The Segway F40 e-scooter captured the imagination of the attendees. This scooter packs quite the punch, given its nimble frame and 30-pound curb weight. Ultra-sleek and ultra-portable, the F40 boasts an impressive 25-mile range, 19 MPH top speed, and compact size. An available seat with integrated storage means this scooter is ready for an all-day adventure. Find out more about the F40.


P100S on the Left, P65 on the right


The P-Series Gets You To Class Fast 

    The Segway P65 and P100S e-scooters were hard to miss, commanding the runway. These e-scooters are endlessly versatile with 5 dynamic speed modes, ranging from “Eco Mode” to “Performance Mode.” Commuting to school is a breeze with the P65’s top speed of 22 MPH and 40 miles of range on a single charge. The P100S is a step up from the P65 for those seeking increased speed and range. This e-scooter has a top speed of 27 MPH and can travel a mesmerizing 60-plus miles on a single charge. Equipped with front and rear suspension, the e-scooter glides over rough terrain with ease. 

    TomBogo transformed the P100S (pictured left) into a symbolic take on urban mobility for the show. The e-scooter, painted yellow, elicited memories of school bus days past. “I’m jealous of people today who have e-scooters. When I was a kid, I had to take two buses and walk blocks and blocks to get to class,” said Bogo. Check out the P65 and P100S. 

The Phantom Black E110A was touched up to have a play on words between "security" and "insecurity".

The E110A Stuns 

   The adage that two is better than one has never been more true. Two Segway E110A seated scooters graced the fashion show floor, both re-imagined by TomBogo. One E110A stood menacingly in Segway’s signature color, “Phantom Black,” with a white label proclaiming, “Insecurity.” The playful parody of the plight of the security guard was one tiny facet of TomBogo’s creative vision. Another E110A popped in a brilliant red draped in binder paper, evoking memories of 11th-grade study hall. The E110A is style and simplicity in motion. A 35-mile range and a 30 MPH top speed coupled with room for two make the E110A e-moped an intelligent choice for commuting, adventuring, and thriving. Want more information on the E110A e-moped? Click here. 

Tombogo the mastermind behind the show along with the innovative Segway T Series Scooter.

Self-Balancing T-Series Prototype

    The crowd was elated to be able to have the prototype Segway T-Series at the event. The T-Series is a self-balancing seated scooter with remote pilot capabilities built for a world with increasing autonomy. The T-Series, based on the tried and proven E110A seated scooter, is a glimpse into the future of Segway’s impact on personal electric mobility. At the show, it appeared that a vicious swarm of homework had swallowed up the T-series. Papers plastered all over the exterior; the futuristic seated scooter was now a stylized ruffled example of its former self. Proudly displayed on the front of the T-Series was a paper reading, “ A+, I love my teacher. My teacher is the best. TomBogo is so cool.” The T-Series was undoubtedly deserving of nothing less than an A+. Watch this video of the T-Series in action.

After the show was over, all the influencers and models lined up for one last photo. Shown on the ground was the runway outlined with loose leaf paper.

Segway Has School Spirit

    As the show concluded and a steady dose of Tom Bogo and Segway had been administered, everybody lined up for a class photo. The nerds, the jocks, the band geeks, the math club, the truant, and the fluent, smiling together. 

“We were pleased to partner with TomBogo again for this year’s fashion week.  The Segway and Tombogo brands have mutual core values and design philosophies. This made our partnership seamless and fun to execute, quite frankly”, said Alex Huang, SVP of Global Business.

  Segway’s partnership with TomBogo for New York Fashion week proved that daring to be bold pays off in an awe-inspiring way. Segway expressed nothing but admiration to the TomBogo team for a fashion show well done. Segway is positioned to be back at New York Fashion Week again with what is sure to be another ingenious installation. 

See more photos and videos from the “For the Truant and the Fluent” show below!



Enjoy the Video Recap of the Tombogo New York Fashion Week collaboration with Segway.