Welcome to Segway Across America:
West Coast Edition!

In 2020, Graham Pollard took a 4,000 mile journey across America using the Ninebot Kickscooter MAX…

In 2021, influencers Aubrey Nolan and Justin Morris will be taking the Segway eMoped C80 over 1,200 miles on a trip from Seattle WA to San Diego, CA.

The couple will be documenting their entire trip along the way. The adventure will end with an event in San Diego to celebrate the epic conclusion of their trip.

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Segway eMoped C80

Introducing The RideyGO! Intelligent System

The Segway eMoped C80 features The RideyGo! Intelligent System which brings an array of new functions such as the Airlock System, NFC Tag, Smart Seat Detection, and Auto-Lock Mode. It also comes with four built-in, anti-theft mechanisms when parked and locked, giving you peace of mind where you are.

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*The Segway eMoped C80 is a moped-style electric bike. No license is required in most states in the US. Please refer to local laws and regulations for license requirements.

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