Segway RMP 440 Flex Omni – Our Highest Max Payload

The RMP 440 Flex Omni seems to float across the ground. Its four Mecanum wheels allow it to move in any direction without needing to turn — and it can turn in place just as easily as it can drive sideways. It’s ideal for applications where payload orientation is the primary concern.

Whether you’re transporting heavy payloads, maneuvering sensors or operating robotic manipulators, the RMP 440 Flex Omni can quickly and efficiently orient your equipment to meet your requirements.

rmp 440 Flex Omni
  • Motion in Any Planar Direction
  • Rigid Wheels for High Payload
  • Efficient Propulsion System
  • Easily Configurable Length and Width

The RMP 440 Flex Omni leverages all of the redundant safety features of the Segway® Personal Transporter (PT) and is powered by five lithium-ion batteries. It has a run time of ~8 hours of operation or ~24 hours in standby. The 440 Flex Omni comes with four Mecanum wheels which allow it to move in any direction without needing to turn. The RMP 440 Flex Omni is capable of moving payloads up to 450 kg (1000 lbs).

Overall Dimensions – 1575 x 789 x 397 mm

Platform Weight – 128 kg (283 lb)

Clearance – 144 mm (5.7 in)

Max Payload – 450 kg (1000 lb)

Communication – Ethernet, CAN, USB

Battery Chemistry – LiFePO4

Runtime – up to 24 h

Charge Time – 2-3 h

Propulsion Battery Capacity – 1520 Wh

Auxiliary Battery Capacity – 380 Wh

Max Speed – 2.2 m/s

Max Slope –

Peak Torque (per wheel) – 100 N-m

Max Range – 13 km (8.08 mi)

Ingress Protection – IP66


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