Enhancing Community Patrolling

The Segway PT Patroller is the world’s #1 personal transportation solution for the public safety market. It was designed with the specific input of experienced law enforcement and security professionals to optimize the patrol experience.

The i2 SE Patroller is uniquely designed for law enforcement, private security and emergency services, and offers the ultimate maneuverability. With the extra 8 inches of height riders experience when standing on the riding platform, not only can officers see further, but they are more easily seen. With the PT Patroller’s charge anywhere technology, simply plug it in to any standard outlet whenever you get a chance, riders will experience nearly unlimited range.

A force multiplier, the PT Patroller allows officers to be a positive presence while also enabling them to easily move through almost any environment.

Upper Reflective Shield

The highly reflective upper shield provides the perfect location for your department or company insignia.

Integrated Lighting

The PT Patroller’s integrated lighting system offers a number of color combinations for law enforcement, as well as private security and emergency services.

LeanSteer™ Technology

Segway LeanSteer technology was designed to provide more responsive riding. Simply lean the patented LeanSteer left or right to get where you’re going with ease.

i2 SE Patroller

Lower Reflective Shield

Available in reflective white or optic yellow with customizable “POLICE” or “SECURITY” lettering available in multiple languages.

Small Footprint

The small footprint of the i2 SE Patrollers allows it to fit easily through any standard doorway and its zero-turn radius allows it to move easily up and down narrow alleys, aisles, etc.

Cargo Frames

Standard on any PT Patroller model, the integrated cargo frames can be used to mount cases and optional accessories to maximize your patrolling experience.

Here’s What Our Customers Have To Say

i2 SE Patroller

The i2 SE Patroller comes loaded with features designed to enhance use by law enforcement, security, and emergency services personnel. The Patroller bag comes with battery storage, a water bottle holder and key chain clip. The comfort mats are cushioned to help relieve stress on the feet after riding for long shifts. The integrated gliding lights allow pedestrians to see the Patroller in low light conditions.

Weight – 105 lbs (48 kg)

Footprint – 25.5” x 25” (65 cm x 63 cm)

Max Speed – 12.5 mph (20 km/h)

Range* – 24 miles (39 km)

*Actual range depends on riding style and terrain

The x2 SE PT Patroller is built tough for more rugged terrain. It’s equipped with ATV-style tires, which make it the perfect patrolling tool. Whether you’re patrolling a park, wooded trail, construction site or city sidewalk the x2 SE Patroller can get you where you need to be.

The SE-3 Patroller is powered by multiple rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries, features independent direct rear wheel drive, can travel in reverse and has a very tight turning radius. Being an electric vehicle with no emissions, the SE-3 works just as well indoors as it does outside.


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