Designed with the direct input of law enforcement, the Segway Patroller line features enhancements which help patrolling officers keep communities safe around the world.

Improve Community Policing with a Segway Patroller

The Segway® Personal Transporter (PT) Patroller is an adaptive and highly functional community policing tool that empowers officers to maximize their approachability, visibility and responsiveness. The PT Patroller line is incredibly versatile and portable. They can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments, travel a considerable distance and are incredibly easy to store and maintain.

The three-wheeled Segway SE-3 Patroller is a natural extension of Segway’s Patroller product line. It’s ideal for applications which require a more visible and obvious security and community relations presence (even in a parked position without a rider aboard), or that require a rider to frequently mount and dismount the vehicle during a patrol.

All of the products in the Segway Patroller line will enhance your officers’ community policing efforts by allowing them to see more and be more easily seen, while also making them more mobile and efficient in their patrols.

Two policemen riding Segway i2 se Patrollers on dirt path

Segway i2 SE PT Patroller

The i2 SE PT Patroller is uniquely designed for law enforcement, private security, emergency services and more. It offers the ultimate maneuverability and, with its charge anywhere technology, nearly unlimited range.

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Segway x2 SE PT Patroller

The x2 SE PT Patroller is built tough for more rugged terrain. It’s equipped with ATV-style tires, which make it the perfect patrolling tool. Whether you’re patrolling a park, wooded trail, construction site or city sidewalk the x2 SE Patroller can get you where you need to be.

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Lowell, MA policeman using Segway x3 SE PT Patroller while talking with local merchant
Policeman using Segway S3 Patroller for crosswalk

Segway SE-3 Patroller

The SE-3 Patroller is powered by multiple rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries, features independent direct rear wheel drive, can travel in reverse and has a very tight turning radius. Being an electric vehicle with no emissions, the SE-3 works just as well indoors as it does outside.

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