Segway RMP 210

Reliable, compact and powerful, the Segway RMP 210 has two lithium-ion batteries that provide a runtime of ~8 hours of operation or ~24 hours in standby. The RMP 210 is ideal for applications where the propulsion system is meant to be unobtrusive.

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Segway RMP 220

A powerful self-balancing robot, the Segway RMP 220 can reach a maximum velocity of 8.0 m/s (18 mph) and a peak torque of 100 N-m per wheel. This incredibly fast, reliable machine also has the ability to function as passively stable with higher payload capabilities over the RMP 210.

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Segway RMP 440 LE

The RMP 440 LE motor controllers and brushless DC drive motors are each fully redundant, allowing component failures to be handled smoothly and safely.

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Segway RMP 440 SE

The RMP 440 SE utilizes a small enclosure which provides 2 channels of DC power (12 V and 24 V default) and can be placed anywhere along the mounting rails.

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Segway RMP 440 Flex Omni

The RMP 440 Flex Omni can move in any direction without needing to turn, while also carrying the largest payload of any Segway RMP product.

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