Ninebot eScooter E

A New Era of Smart Riding

Ninebot eScooter is the first eScooter introduced by Ninebot intended for mid to long range travel purposes.

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“This eScooter is Ninebot’s first one intended for mid- to long-range use, and it can hit 24 MPH in four seconds. There are five variants, with a top-of-the-line E200P model that has a 62 MPH top speed and estimated 124 mile range from its 54Ah battery.”


“First up, the eScooter is a fast, seated mini-motorcycle. It can go up to 62 mph and the battery lasts for 125 miles. It clocks in at 0 to 24 mph in 4 seconds. It comes with a lot of customization from the body panel colors to the seat cushions.”


8″(F)/7.5″(R) Large Solid Non-Pneumatic Tires
Electric Brake + Mechanical Brake
Front Shock Absorption
Built-In Front LED Lights
62 mph Top Speed
124+ Miles Range
10% Hill Grade
IP54 Water-Resistant

The Golden Ratio, Ultimate Stability

The Ninebot eScooter’s structural design centers around a smooth first-class riding experience. We have placed the battery compartment under the baseboard, making the vehicle’s centre of gravity lower, giving you the agility you need to hit those curves and edges.

Smart Handlebar Lock. Convenience in a flash
Lock in a Second

The smart handlebar lock allows the rider to conviniently lock the eScooter right after they park.
Simply download the Segway-Ninebot App and match your phone with Segway eScooter to active the induction function.

Dazzling Smart UX Dashboard

The digital panel displays all pertinent information from trip details to speed demonstrations. The color also gains the flexibility to change as the speed increases or decreases. More fun to ride with a Ninebot eScooter.

Fine-Tuned Shock Absorption

The proprietary shock absorption system on the Segway eScooter eats up vibration from the road and cancels out the gravels giving you a ride smoother than ever. Even on tough terrains, the Segway eScooter is here to impress.

Exceptional Water Resistant

The Segway eScooter’s water resistance capacity meets IPX5 standards, the vehicle can resist a sustained water jet spray. With the battery’s water resistance level reaching as high as IPX7, your battery will stay dry even traveling through water.

Smart Matrix LED Headlight

As dynamic as its performance, the LED headlight is designed with an unique matrix structure and a full front horizontal display to produce a wider beam of light and illuminate your path ahead. With the Smart Sensor feature, the headlight will automatically turn on or off to actively adjust with the environment and provide the appropriate brightness every rider needs. While delivering a user-friendly experience, the headlight also follows the brand’s philosophy of always building smarter and more energy-efficient products.

Integrated LED Taillight Bar

The integrated LED taillight is a unique visual design by Ninebot, and it also enlarges the visible area when riding in dark. The self-canceling turn signals give riders peace of mind. No distraction when riding. Safety comes first!

High Voltage Lithium-ion Battery

Compared to the common 48V/60V battery sets, our Ninebot eScooter comes with 74V high voltage lithium-ion battery to optimize motor efficiency and increase its longevity.

BMS 5.0 Self-developed Smart Battery Management System

Plenty of Storage Space

Extra storage space for all your daily needs and more!

Centered Kick Stand

Centered Kick Stand

Hidden Back Pedal

Hidden Back Pedal

End to End Armrest

End to End Armrest

Dual Sided USB Charging Port

Dual Sided USB Charging Port


Ninebot eScooter E


  • Lightweight & Compact
  • Electric Handlebar Lock
  • Triple GPS Anti-theft System via Segway-Ninebot App