Segway Tours of Anchorage

315 E Street

Anchorage Alaska 99501

Come glide with us. A Guided Segway® Personal Transporter (PT) Tour is a whole new way to appreciate the beauty of Anchorage. Fun for individuals, families or groups! Experience for yourself why a Segway PT is the ideal way to tour downtown Anchorage. If you live in Anchorage, or will be visiting, we invite you to experience this unique and exciting sight-seeing tour first hand.

The Downtown Anchorage Segway PT Tour is an approximately 90 minute, guided tour of downtown Anchorage. The cost is just $85 per person and we offer special rates for Alaska residents. Training takes place for approximately 15 minutes prior to departure and helmets are provided and required.

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A great, unique way to see Lake Hood and check out the fascinating seaplane base. Don't miss out on this wonderful alternative to our Downtown Anchorage Tour!

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