Segway Gliding Tours - The Kingdom Resort

The Kingdom Resort
Pilanesburg North West

Segway Gliding Tours has a formidable presence both globally and locally, and is continuously expanding. There are currently over 400 Segway guided tours in areas as diverse as Latvia, Zambia, Bahamas , Belgium, Portugal and the United Kingdom. On the local front, Segway Gliding Tours is the first and only Segway PT Tour Operator in South Africa. Our first tour began in the Sun City Resort in 2004 and since then, we have incorporated many more tours across Southern Africa. When combining the unique and exhilirating experience you get from riding a Segway PT with the diverse and exquisite settings that South Africa has to offer, you are left with a perfect mix of fun, excitement and beauty.

The Kingdom Segway Experience is will let you become one with the natual bushveld of the Pilanesburg surroundings, keep an eye out for antelope while taking a trip to The Predator Park and experience the African cats and other wildlife at its best.