Nation Tours (Long Beach Location)

126 Linden Ave

Long Beach California 90802

A Segway® Personal Transporter (PT) tour with Nation Tours - Long Beach is the perfect way to tour Long Beach, CA. Our tours depart 7 days a week, year round and are offered 5 times daily. Choose from a variety of Segway PT tours. You can choose to visit Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach Convention Center, Historic Queen Mary, Long Beach Aquarium, Shoreline Park and Shoreline Village, and many other great landmarks and historic sites!

Our Waterfront Sightseeing Segway PT Tour is approximately 90 minutes in length including training. This Segway PT tour is perfect for exploring downtown Long Beach, gliding down Long Beach’s palm tree lined streets, and cruising the picturesque oceanfront sights!

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Our Historic Downtown and Aquatic Park Segway PT Tour is approximately 2 hours in length including training. This tour is a fantastic way to learn about our rich history and see why we're quickly becoming one of America’s premier destinations.

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Our Platinum Naples Island and Beachside Segway PT Tour is approximately two and a half hours in length including training. This Segway PT Tour will take you to La Bella Fontana di Napoli before gliding beachside where you will see Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier, the famous Oil Islands, and much more! Our famous Naples Segway PT Tour is a one of a kind adventure.

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