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Seeing the sights in Colorado on a Segway®  Personal Transporter (PT) is an experience like no other.  Breathe in the pristine air, marvel at snowcapped peaks and view raptors in flight while gliding effortlessly around Denver or Boulder.

Whether you want to join a group tour, host a team building event or simply try one out Colorado Segway Tours will enhance your Rocky Mountain high. To ensure your comfort and safety, every activity begins with personal training with our qualified staff. Experience the thrill and ease of riding a Segway PT today.

Nestled at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, the 'Peoples Republic of Boulder' has been called one of the “happiest and healthiest” cities in America. With this Segway PT tour you'll get your own 'taste' of Boulder from the ground up. We'll take you through over seven miles of historic neighborhoods and to such sites as the Mork & Mindy House, Flatiron Views, Gregory Canyon, Chautauqua Park and the Pearl Street Mall. 

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Take this exhilarating historic and site-seeing tour of Denver from aboard your own Segway PT. The city of Denver presents the best of the Wild West with the cosmopolitan atmosphere of a sophisticated city. Our guides will lead you on this two hour tour through seven miles of fun. You'll see the best parks, trails, historic sites and Platte River views Denver has to offer.

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