The Global Market Embraces the World's #1 Personal Transportation Solution for Patrolling Environments

Embraced by the Global Market

Today, more than 1,500 police and public safety organizations across the globe have deployed Segway Patrollers. The Segway Patroller is embraced by this market because it is a valuable tool that allows officers to create innovative community policing programs and patrol all sorts of indoor and outdoor environments while better connecting with the citizens and communities they serve.

The Segway i2 SE and x2 SE Patroller models were designed with the specific input of experienced law enforcement and security professionals. Their recommendations for additional lighting, an improved bumper, comfort mats, additional storage and a wristband InfoKey™ controller were all integrated into these models' designs.

The Segway Patroller is actively used by a global public safety customer base primarily because of its practical and demonstrable characteristics. The Segway Patroller improves:


The Segway Patroller's true zero turning radius allows it to easily maneuver in very tight spaces including between parked cars. It can pivot within its own shoulder width footprint and transition seamlessly from forward to reverse. This is an innovative feature that literally no other mode of personal transportation can claim.


The Segway Patroller's base adds 8" of height. Unlike when seated in a patrol car or on a bicycle, officers can oversee a larger area and be seen, which conveys a strong police presence and helps to deter crime.


The Segway Patroller's unique and patented self-balancing technology is the ultimate ice breaker. It draws a crowd of amazed and curious citizens. Unlike a patrol car, motorcycle, horse or other transportation option, there's no barrier to officers connecting with citizens, just like an officer that's on foot.


The Segway Patroller can travel up to 12.5 mph. It enhances mobility, which enables officers to complete patrol duties up to 3x faster than walking a beat.


The Segway Patroller empowers officers to travel to a scene faster than they could on foot and without the fatigue of running or riding a bicycle. Officers arrive at an emergency situation with the energy and composure they need to appropriately respond to it.


A Segway Patroller easily traverses various terrain quickly and dependably. It allows officers to do everything from manage large crowds to quickly respond to emergency situations in a variety of inside and outside settings. Unlike other transportation options, the Segway Patroller is flexible enough to safely travel on most surfaces, up hills and ramps, over sidewalk curbs, into elevators and through doors!

Service Centers Across the Globe

In the unlikely event that your Segway Patroller ever needs service, our worldwide network is readily available to assist you. Service is offered at 250 international distributors, dealers and Segway Experience Centers as well as 3 dedicated service center hubs located strategically throughout the globe in:
• Bedford, New Hampshire USA
• Munich, Germany
• Singapore
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