Our customers report similar benefits when a Segway Personal Transporter (PT) is used in a business environment. If your organization is seeking to improve employee productivity and response time, maximize your workforce and reduce their fatigue, the Segway PT is a proven solution. Browse our interactive map below to learn how organizations have successfully implemented Segway PTs in their demanding environments.

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Companies in a variety of industries have realized the benefits of integrating Segway PTs into their business operations. From increasing employee productivity, maneuverability and job satisfaction, to decreasing response time, operating costs and energy consumption, Segway PTs are helping businesses do more with less. Here are just a few of the industries experiencing the benefits of a Segway PT:

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The unique features and design of the Segway PT make it an optimal transportation device for touring local attractions and other points of interest. Guided tours and resort and hotel facilities offer unique ways to experience tourist locations and other points of interest. Read more here.

“There were some cost savings in operations but the biggest advantage for us was that communication with our guests increased. Guest satisfaction is a key driver in our business. As guest satisfaction increased, so did the morale of the cast members who use Segway PTs in their jobs. The folks who use it on a daily basis absolutely love it. They can’t imagine going back to their roles without it.”
- John Eric Sovocool,
Technology & Show Manager,
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Industrial and manufacturing environments present a host of challenges, but the Segway PT can maneuver its way through them with ease. Increase employee coverage; reduce fatigue and response time with the versatile i2. Able to go indoors and out, managers and staff can move materials quickly and easily without compromising safety, and no fuel or heavy maintenance is required.

“The Segway PT enables me to go anywhere I want as often as I want, and I am just as fresh at the end of the day as I am at the beginning. Not only am I able to devote more time to supervising our manufacturing, but I am also more productive throughout the day.”
- John Asfar
Manager of Application Tooling and Design,
Baker Tankhead, Inc.
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Optimizing your staff’s visibility and productivity are top priority. See more, accomplish more and move better with a Segway PT. Not only will your workforce travel with comfort, ease, and unparalleled maneuverability, the eight inches of added height allows your crew to see and be seen.

“The Segway PT allows perfect mobility for our team. It’s agile and flexible and fast – great for moving quickly from one [airport] terminal to the next. We can even turn in elevators, drive up ramps, and carry documents and our walkie-talkies.”
- Siegfried Obermeier,
Operations Superintendant,
Munich International Airport